News of a brand new buying agency – Aykroyd & Co.

October 2018 : Estate Agent Today

Building on the legacy of the buying agency VanHan, former VanHan director Hannah Aykroyd, joined by former VanHan colleague Sophie Bonsor, has launched Aykroyd & Co, which is described as “an exceptional boutique property advisory.”

Based in Mayfair the firm aims to work for UK and overseas private individuals, family offices, investors and developers.

“We feel incredibly honoured that almost every one of our clients has come with us” explains Hannah. “It means everything to us. The calibre of our previous clients has helped solidify our strong track record, which enables us to negotiate much more firmly on behalf of existing and future clients.”

“For the average client, we might preview 40 – 50 properties,” says Hannah (pictured), “and we’ve each been doing this for over 10 years, so we really do know many of the best properties inside and out.”–a-new-agency-and-plenty-of-other-key-moves—