The new security trends of London’s UHNW’s – expert view

July 2019 : Spears

Crime in England and Wales* is skyrocketing, making security a bigger issue now than ever. The murder rate in England increased 39 per cent from 2015 to a decade high in 2018. In London, homicides increased by 14 per cent in 2018 alone. - Read more

How will Boris Johnson being prime minister affect the housing market?

July 2019 : The Times

We answer your questions on the outlook for prices and taxes under the new prime minister. Boris Johnson moved into 10 Downing Street this week having promised in his acceptance speech that his party would prioritise homeownership. Yesterday the new housing secretary Robert Jenrick said: “Housing delivery is one of the big priorities of this administration. We are going to be straining every sinew to increase the number of homes that are being delivered and getting more young people and families onto the housing ladder. I certainly intend to do everything I can to elevate this agenda and move it forward at pace in the weeks and months ahead.” - Read more

I Magazine Editorial Interview

June 2019 : I Magazine

I had set my sights on being a lawyer. However, whilst undergoing my law degree, I took a work experience role with a property company and rather surprised myself when I fell in love with the world of property. So after I completed my degree I embarked on a career in property, beginning on the selling side before moving across to the advisory side. - Read more