Despite uncertainty, London’s super-prime market is proving resilient

October 2019 : Country & Town House

From the number of cranes towering above London’s skyline, you’d never guess the city is in political limbo. There are super-prime developments going up in Notting Hill, Westminster and Knightsbridge. In Mayfair, the former American Embassy is in the process of being transformed into Four Seasons residences, while in Chelsea the first phase of the Chelsea Barracks development is complete. Across the river there are luxury penthouses launching in the Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms developments. - Read more

The Magic of Mayfair

September 2019 : International Property & Travel

Mayfair is moving forwards; no longer lingering in the past, it is heading for a bright new future. Hannah Aykroyd, founder and MD of Mayfair buying agency Aykroyd, explains, "The new proposed Westminster City Plan released on 18th of June sets out planning policies in Mayfair, working toward more open green spaces and an environment that encourages business growth. What this means for the borough is that the old Mayfair passing away. The Mayfair residential property that you see now, will not be repeated. You will not see new Mayfair mansions with double basements. What you will see, what you are already seeing, is an amazing, incredibly high-end selection of new residential property available or scheduled to be available in the next five years. - Read more

Private school fees: is it cheaper to move to a good state catchment area?

September 2019 : The Times

Families are weighing up the relative costs of buying close to a good secondary or choosing an independent. Parents working out which school to send their child to often do a bit of maths homework before coming to a decision. They calculate how much it would cost to buy a family home in an area within the catchment of a school rated “good” or “outstanding” and compare this with the cost of private school fees. - Read more